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Kubikmilk project is created by Adrian Budritan one of the pioneers of the Romanian electronic music. He started sound design with modular analogue synthesisers (MS20, MS10) since 1987, and also programming algorythmic and stohastic music composition on the 8 bit computing of the 80’s. After a series of performing events with slideshow or lasers system for visuals in the 90’s, he became interested in the video production and 3D animation for the last 15 years, also performing as DJ in the dnb scene and visuals for various events. Over a year ago he started the project Kubikmilk, an intermedia project based on interactive art installation and sound design around the Max/Msp core and Processing framework for visuals.
Adrian also makes music for films and theatre, live electronic music performance, expanded cinema (live and non narrative cinema). The sound of the Kubikmilk is based on digital sound (Max/Msp) and hardware synthesizers driving multiple sound parameters via MIDI using devices like Kinect or multitouch tablets.