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|Born in 1975, she is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, and musician.
She works and lives in Berlin since 2007. Her music mainly consists in narrative sonic pieces that she builds using a wide variety of recording techniques, devices and self-made microphones with out borders and many unconventional techniques. She is interested on the boundaries and relations between real sound world, vibration sound, noise pollution, natural radio, wireless and communication and inaudible sound.
In the past two years , her new ongoing research and project it is an investigation focused on Inaudible Sound and the multiple effects of its spectral side which shape our sense and perception of the reality.
With all the recordings, She building strongly narrative, imaginative sonic pieces live through improvisation with real-time tape manipulation.
She performed in Festivals all over Europa and Turkey, Norway, Sweden, U.S.A . Playing with many highly regarded musicians and bands like Matmos, LAFMS, and many more. Next from her solo project she is a member of : Berlin’s 24-piece Splitter Orchestra, PXPRD with Martin Kuentz, Duo with Alessandra Eramo, (TOWA) with Julie Rousse, (Raven Moore) with Kathrin Gunter, (THE ELKS), (ZAPPAROIZ) with Billy Roiz, (Spectral Vortex) with Eleonora Oreggia (XNAME).

She released several albums on Umbrella Noise records, Idiosyncratics, Audition Records, Nohmad Records and Zeromoon. She was also extensively featured on WDR3 Open Studio Elektronische Musik Deutchland.
In 2006 she received the MOVIN-UP Award for her field recording project An Audio Portrait of Berlin.