< Wednesday 7 OCT. / 20 h >
< Thursday 8 OCT. / 13 h >

Event I. (audiovisual comprovisation). < Wednesday 7 OCT. / 20 h >
An Event I. is both audio-visual instrument and also performance which is proceed with DIY instrumnet programmed in Pure Data. Main source of signal is (pseudo) random noise which is than routed through simple effects like blure, zoom, gain and so on. Playing this instrument is like fighting with beast – one can never be sure about the result – but is is usually massive.

Lecture: About Instruments… < Thursday 8 OCT. / 13 h >
First I would shortly present and explain a code from performance Event I. and than I would reflect on importance of building and knowing the instrument. Shortly I would give an overview of languages which can be effectivly used in creating audio-visual instruments. I would also focus on broader context of these tendencies – eg. ethos of DIY, black-boxes and postdigital culture.

Michal Cáb, aka Cabowitz is a conceptual artist, performer, musician and teacher. “His productions oscillate between sound and image, discreet activism and natural humbleness, inventive collaborations and concentrated singleness. He teaches, plays and works with open software (Pure Data), code and feed-back.” He studied at FAMU’s Center of Audio Visual Studies and currently does his Ph.D. at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.