< Thursday 8 OCT. / 22 h >

Sillyconductor’s 2015 project, premiered this year is a luxurious and ironic journey through different fear inducing entities, from basic feelings like hunger and agoraphobia to actual insects. Sound sources, among others, include a polyrhythmic exploration into the word yeah, a small door revolving in space looking for its mother, feedback and distorsion, too much random FX, too much reggae, too little bossanova, enough falsettos, gasping, coughing, sneezing, mids, kids, farting bees, middle-eastern percussion and one unrequested encore.

It’s an audio-video partnership with Dreamrec, who will be highlighting all these darwinistic freaks of nature with his custom feedback contraptions.


Dreamrec is a media artist. Founding partner of Videogram, a collective of 3 professionals using their experience in film-making, architecture and graphic design to deliver creatively infused and high technological projects. In the last 5 years, we had the pleasure to colaborate with a variety of clients, institutions and artists,and suport them with our creative work.