Transmedia Studio – students video works from the Intermedia department  of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

Lena Dobrowolska ‘Passing’
Mateusz Swiderski ‘Uncertainty’
J Chrystowska ‘Hyperlust Sign Language’
Zuzanna Gietner ‘Mapping Behavior’
Magda Gembala ‘Pedophilia’
Agnieszka Zuchowicz ‘Uncertainty’
Jakub Urbaniak ‘Dyplom Wideo’
Marta Nawrot ‘Uncertainty’
Krzysztof Maniak ‘Summer’
Zuzanna Gietner ‘Hyperlust Call of Nature’
Paulina Kornowska ‘Lust’
Jana Szostak ‘Isolation Journey Dictator’
Piotr Urbaniec ‘Obiect-ivism’
Spaces Opening Transmedia Studio document

The Intermedia Department is the newest unit of the Academy and specialized in interdisciplinary actions.
The Transmedia Studio, rx led by Bogdan Achimescu and Mariusz So?tysik deals with processes initiated on the basis of texts and narratives. From these texts appear various “events”, from graphics, charts and maps to scripts, films, lectures, paintings and – finally – new texts.
The materials you see are some illustrations that would allow decoding step of initial narratives, of these “bibles” as they are called. Their wires cross, intersect, departing and returning on different tangents, exploring an unpredictable semantic field, in constant motion.

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still from “Intensywna Chuc” by Judyta Chrystowska